Management Strategies Team Members Obtain Lean Six Sigma Certifications


For continued professional development and to apply new skills to our client’s most pressing challenges, six Management Strategies team members recently obtained Lean Six Sigma (LSS) certifications (both Green and Black Belts). LSS is a continuous process improvement methodology that we apply to challenging processes to improve process speed and eliminate non-value-added activities. The LSS Green Belt certification focuses on the use of analytical tools and developing a deep understanding of lean principles. The LSS Black Belt certification goes a few steps further and focuses on the application of lean principles towards meeting specific challenges. Our team members apply their newly acquired LSS knowledge to increase work efficiency, propose additional tools and techniques that help our clients to reduce costs, and overall increase our customers satisfaction.

Training reimbursements are available to all Management Strategies employees. We encourage continuous professional development through the development of new skills and maintenance of existing ones. Learn more about this and other employee benefits: