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Task Automation
Task Automation using Microsoft VBA

What is Task Automation?

Task automation has quickly become an essential tool that enhances modern teams and organizations, especially those that are looking for ways to reduce the time-consumption of routine, administrative tasks and designate this time to focus on more value-added activities. Implementing task automation into your organization should not require the purchase of elaborate tools or in-depth technical resources. In fact, members of our team routinely use task automation to streamline internal business reporting processes (invoicing, financial reporting, and dashboards) as well as client support initiatives (risk reporting, project status dashboards, and document compilation and formatting).

Task Automation using VBA

Management Strategies specializes in a particular type of task automation that uses Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). VBA is a feature of common Microsoft products that are used in modern businesses (e.g., Excel, Word, Outlook). A VBA code can repeat any action that a user can perform manually in a Microsoft product. Since VBA is available across common Microsoft products, a single script (several lines of code) can issue commands across multiple products. For example, a script can format data in Excel and then send that formatted file to another user via Outlook.

A Detailed Example

Management Strategies uses VBA for task automation across several clients. A popular request we receive from our clients is to improve program/project risk tracking and reporting processes. We find that many risk management programs are time-consuming and lack robust reporting or special display functionality that ties back to real-time data (dashboards). Our solutions are customized to address unique client needs and requirements; however, our typical solution involves the migration of risk data from an offline form to a simple online database.

First, we consolidate data in a central database. Next, we develop VBA scripts that automate the processing and transfer of data into a user-friendly display, such as Excel. Finally, we establish a script to format the data so it is easy to understand and also supports executive decision-making. We can set up the script to run at a specific frequency (e.g., weekly to support a meeting), as well as configure the dashboard to be emailed out to key stakeholders to allow easy tracking.

How Can We Help You?

Task automation using VBA is a powerful tool that teams and organizations should use to maximize efficiency and free up personnel to focus on more value-added activities. To discover more about task automation and how Management Strategies customizes our support for your team or organization, please contact us at