Discover Powerful Microsoft Tools for Automation – Part 2 


What is Process and Task Automation? 

Process and task automation has quickly become an essential tool that enhances modern teams and organizations, especially those teams that are looking for ways to reduce time-consuming, routine, and administrative tasks. Implementing process and task automation into your organization should not require the purchase of elaborate tools or in-depth technical resources. Members of our client support teams often use automation to streamline internal business reporting processes (invoicing, financial reporting, and dashboards) as well as client support initiatives (risk reporting, project status dashboards, and document compilation and formatting). 

Process and Task Automation using Power Automate 

In addition to using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Management Strategies also specializes in using Power Automate, a low-code automation platform that makes it easy for developers and non-developers to automate the most repetitive and mundane processes and tasks. Automation is the key to enabling teams to focus attention on where it is needed most. Power Automate is available across desktop, web, and mobile. Some examples of what you can do with Power Automate include:  

  • Automate repeatable business processes 
  • Send automatic reminders for past due tasks 
  • Move business data between systems on a schedule 
  • Connect to more than 500 data sources or any publicly available API 
  • Automate tasks on your local computer like computing data in Excel

All it takes is a little experimentation with your first Power Automate flow and you then start to see other examples of manual processes and tasks that are perfect for automation.   

Specific Examples 

Management Strategies uses Power Automate for process and task automation across client support activities and company operations. The use of automation frees our team members to focus on value-added, high-skill activities. Some specific automations we use include: 

  • Automated Email Reminders – When an activity is not completed on time, Power Automate will send an automated email reminder.
  • Recurring Tasks in Microsoft Planner – When a Planner task is marked as recurring, Power Automate will create a new task once the original task is completed.  
  • Create Tasks from Teams Chat – When discussing a new task with a coworker on Teams, you can prompt Power Automate to run a workflow that will automatically create a task in Planner based on a specific chat message.  
  • Automatic File Backups – When Outlook receives an email with specific keywords, Power Automate will automatically save a file to a folder to serve as an automated backup. 

How Can We Help You? 

Task automation using Power Automate is a powerful tool that teams and organizations use to maximize efficiency and free up personnel to focus on more value-added activities. To discover more about process and task automation and how Management Strategies customizes our support for your team or organization, please contact us at