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Even the best planned programs and projects can face scope, schedule, and resource challenges. Our PMP-certified consultants help clients keep programs and projects on track by managing to specific budget, schedule, and performance milestones and measures. We use Project Management Institute (PMI) standards and custom tools built from our experience supporting government and industry clients. We specialize in using available technologies to streamline and automate project management tasks, create engaging reports, and develop and maintain real-time dashboards.


A business environment can change at any time based on new mission requirements or shifting budget priorities. Our Lean Six Sigma (LSS)-certified consultants design new processes that enable clients to meet their missions and deploy process improvements that streamline operations to save money. Our approach is based on LSS principles and is effective even with complex business processes involving functional interdependencies and critical intersections with technology. We are adept at employing technology to achieve new efficiencies through process automation.


Incremental improvement is sometimes not enough to achieve the bold objectives required to survive and thrive in challenging times. Our experienced consultants help clients create new value through the execution of strategic, organizational, and operational transformations while our seasoned coaches help senior leaders grow their skills and improve their performance. Our work encourages collaboration across business lines, reinvents processes, and clearly delineates roles, responsibilities, and authorities. We ensure organizational development and coaching initiatives support leadership objectives with a focus on optimizing the performance and efficiency of people, processes, and technologies.


Organizational changes are often necessary and always difficult. Our Prosci-certified consultants work with clients to develop proactive, vision-based strategies that ensure stakeholders are informed and engaged. We map stakeholders into prioritized groups and establish goals based on what each group needs to know or do. We define and nurture positive behaviors while overcoming resistance and mitigating reasons for failure and deliver clear messages that articulate the benefits of taking the desired actions. Our proven approaches and certified consultants deliver sustainable change, high adoption of improved practices and lasting results.


Information technology is the backbone of federal agency operations, but sometimes individual systems do not support the organization in an optimal manner. Our team of business analysts, software developers, and test engineers capture and translate user requirements, design, and execute required changes and ensure ongoing functionality and interoperability to deliver systems with optimal UX/CX and mission outcomes. We embrace Scrum Agile practices and are skilled in all software development and delivery approaches including Agile and DevOps.

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Management Strategies is an award-winning management consulting firm with 12 years of experience helping federal agencies address complex business challenges and manage mission critical programs.


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11921 Freedom Drive, Suite 550, Reston, VA 20190